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ConSurf Analysis for PDB 5CYT chain R

   The Sequences were collected from SWISS-PROT database using PSI-Blast algorithm
   The number of Sequences used: 125
   Multiple Sequence Alignment (in Clustal format)

Alignment details
   Average pairwise distance: 0.837232
   Lower bound: 0.0528768
   Upper bound: 2.18155
   The average number of replacements between any two sequences in the alignment; a distance of 0.01 means that on average, the expected replacement for every 100 positions is 1.
   Residue variety per position in the MSA (The table is best viewed with an editor that respects Comma-Separated Values)

Output Files:

   Amino Acid Conservation Scores, Confidence Intervals and Conservation Colors

   Unique Sequences Used (displayed in FASTA format)
   PSI-BLAST output (PSI-BLAST hits with E-values and pairwise alignments)

Phylogenetic Tree
   Phylogenetic Tree in Newick format

RasMol Coloring Scripts
   RasMol Coloring Script Showing Insufficient Data
   RasMol Coloring Script Hiding Insufficient Data

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